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Improving Society Through Individuals Essay -- essays research papers

Improving Society Through Individuals Beginning in the late seventeen hundreds and proceeding into the nineteenth century, England experienced a time of industrialization and urbanization, alluded to as the Industrial Revolution. During this time, life turned out to be progressively hard for a vast lion's share of the residents and difficulties started to heap one on another. In the book Hard Times, by Charles Dickens, the lives and connections of a scope of individuals from this time are represented so as to show the idea of this general public. Dickens utilizes the imaginary characters in Hard Times as instances of the shifting degrees of disparity and mishap, just as the representations of various ways of thinking during the nineteenth century in England. Dickens utilizes this novel as a chance to uncover numerous treacheries in British society with which he appears to oppose this idea. He condemns the social structure by controlling the lives of the characters in a manner that uncovers their blemishes as a class while additionally in a roundabout way relating his suppositions on specific parts of society. As a matter of first importance, he utilizes Mr. Gradgrind’s model school as a method of taunting a few components of edified idea. He begins the book by portraying Mr. Gradgrind as a â€Å"eminently commonsense father† who utilizes his own outstanding arrangement of only â€Å"Fact, reality, fact† to bring up and teach the offspring of his school (Dickens, 16,20). The teacher’s name itselfâ€Mr. McChoakumchildâ€is a way to scorn the severe spotlight on ...

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The Dangers of Shirking Responsibility in Arthur Millers All My Sons

The Dangers of Shirking Responsibilityâ in Arthur Miller's All My Sonsâ â â â â â â Â Arthur Miller's All My Sons is an all around comprehends that term. It not exclusively is cautiously and consistently built, butâ addresses its topics completely and viably. The play imparts various thoughts on war, realism, family, and genuineness. Be that as it may, the fundamental center, particularly at the play's peak, is the issue of moral duty. Specifically, Miller exhibits the risks of avoiding obligation and, at that point, crediting fault to other people. Â â â â Nearly every character in All My Sons, somehow, neglects to assume liability. The Keller family, in general, is seriously useless in that they keep mysteries and lie every step of the way. Chris, the most dependable character, comprehends that his family has committed an awful error with Mother . . . . Being unscrupulous with her (Miller 620). He understands that there are outcomes to such conduct. Without a doubt, thus, Kate is nearly being hallucinating. She sticks to the ridiculous expectation that her child, Larry, will come back from the war and wed his youth darling, Ann. For these wants to refute would, in her eyes, appear for sure that there is no God. She says, 'There's God, so certain things can never occur' (627). Â â â Yet Kate isn't only a casualty of this untrustworthy conduct. She adds to it. She, as well, rationalizes her activities, causing it to appear just as she can't be any more at fault for her lead than she as of now is. She reveals to Chris that she and Joe 'are boneheads. We know nothing' and reveals to Chris that he needs to secure them (633). Be that as it may, it is Joe who is the most reckless character inside ... ...amily needed cash, he did it, and that is got the opportunity to pardon it! . . . [For] Nothin' is greater, and he includes that 'if there's an option that could be greater than that I'll place a projectile in my mind!' (649). That is the thing that he does. Self destruction is the tragic, nerve racking end for him and his family since he had not looked up to his wrongs prior. Â â â Chris was, generally, the voice of shrewdness in this play whose expressions of genuineness and its significance ought to have been noticed. He expresses, 'That sort of thing consistently pays off, and now it's paying off' (620). At long last, he takes his own words to heart that there's a vast expanse of individuals outside and you're answerable to it (653). He starts to fault on himself for his dad's self destruction, and Kate lets him know, 'Don't dear. Try not to take it on yourself' (653). Works Cited Mill operator, Arthur. ?Every one of My Sons.? New York: Penguin Group, 2000.

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Hot L Baltimore - Who is your favourite character and why Essay

Hot L Baltimore - Who is your preferred character and why - Essay Example Quickly the crowd can comprehend the occupation, age and character of the youthful minx. She has no name, just an age: nineteen. Wilson gives her a young age and makes her a whore simultaneously. Perhaps this is to uncover to the crowd the mercilessness of our age. However, anonymous she manages the whole three-act play, helping in any capacity conceivable. The most transcendent feelings in her, makes the play hold onto her as she prevails upon the crowd with her appeal and care. One of the most individualistic characteristics about the Girl is her failure to arrive at a resolution on anything she states. She is befuddled and consistently continues changing her name and character. This can likewise be one of the most charming perspectives about her on the grounds that with her nothing remains unmistakable. She changes like a chameleon making everyone around her unequipped for translating her character. It is obvious that in spite of being in a calling that ought to solidify one against the world, Girl is still as passionate and positive as could reasonably be expected. She feels this consistent commitment to help any place and at whatever point conceivable. Now and sufficiently then so that occasionally she causes disturbance, for example, the second when in her endeavors to help Bill she baffles him into moving off the beaten path and disseminating the mail. This isn't the main moment her consideration shows on the grounds that when she finds the mail contains ousting sees she quickly will not appropriate it, asserting her disassociation with anything so negative. The Girl isn't simply mindful, she is additionally extremely inquisitive. This factor may be a result of her age yet this doesn't disclose her craving to know whatever grabs her eye. She needs to think about the apparitions in lodgings in extraordinary detail and demands posing a consistent arrangement of inquiries with respect to phantoms, their natural surroundings and exercises. This pulls in the crowd towards her since it

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A Comparative Analysis of Two Theories-One of Each You...

Running Head: HEALTH PROMOTION Health Promotion [Name of the writer] [Name of the institution] Health Promotion Introduction The concept of health promotion initially emerged and continues to gain strength as an approach to improving health status and health condition of people. Health promotion is a key component of the complex relationship between actions, knowledge, attitudes, behaviour, and health outcomes from the individual to the societal level. Health promotion is increasingly applicable and relevant to practice within health care and health research specialty around the world. This paper aims at exploring the fundamental concepts of health, health promotion, and multiple†¦show more content†¦Main weakness that has been observed in this medical approach for health promotion is its less focus on positive health. It also overlooks the social and environmental dimensions that are related to health promotion (Crosby 2009, 143). However, main implication of this approach is the remarkable impact on reduction in disease rates associated mortality. The Behavioural Change Approach The behavioural change approach places concern on the patient willingness for recovery of their health. This approach places concern on behaviour and attitude change that subsequently change the lifestyle of people (Crosby 2009, 91). Remarkable implication of this approach is that it aims at building healthy lifestyle. In this approach, role of health experts is very crucial, as they determine the behaviours that are good or bad for health. Main aim of this approach is to encourage individuals to adopt healthy behaviours, which subsequently lead to healthy lifestyle (Hayden 2009, 102). Under behavioural approach, concern is placed on individuals to adopt healthy behaviours, which directly impact their motivation level for health promotion. Some of the strategies under this approach include program on healthy eating and hygiene food impact on health. Role of communication is very critical in conveying the importance of behavioural change to people for h ealth promotion (Lucas 2005, 83). In this approach, behaviour is very complex andShow MoreRelatedConsumer Behavior Essay15664 Words   |  63 Pagesany circumstances in which information from advertisement likely to be more influential than word of mouth? Q4. (b) Find two ads that depict two different defence mechanisms and discuss their effectiveness. Q5. (a) How can marketers use measures of recognition and recall to study the extent of consumer learning? Q5. (b) What is market Segmentation? How is the practice of market segmentation related to the marketing concept? Q6. (a) What is cross- cultures consumer analysis? How can a multinationalRead MoreImpact of Motivation on Employee Job Performance11448 Words   |  46 PagesCHAPTER ONE 1.1 INTRODUCTION There are three factors in every organization. These factors are; culture, structural and resources-material and human. Human resource is the pillar of every organization. They are led by managers who control, plan, coordinate, direct lead and organize other resources to achieve the objectives of that establishment. The job of a manager in the workplace is to get things done through employees. To do this the manager should be able to motivate employees adequately. ByRead MoreMba Outline16812 Words   |  68 PagesLeader: Dr. Rajendra Kumar: Course Administrators: Assignment Deadline 1 Contents Christina Giovi: Grace Freeman: Page 3 3 4 4 5 Financial Analysis and Management Module Description Learning Outcomes Indicative Content Delivery Indicative Reading List Lecture Sequence 6-8 Sample Questions 9-16 Information Systems Management Module Description 17 Learning Outcomes 17 Indicative Content 17Read MoreTraditional African Family19679 Words   |  79 Pageshave relied on Sociology Themes and Perspectives for over twenty years. The coverage of theories and research in each subsequent edition has been unrivalled for accuracy and detail. These lesson plans aim to provide guidance on using the sixth edition of Sociology Themes and Perspectives in a teaching context by offering practical classroom support for teachers. Three lesson plans are provided for each chapter. One of these is a glossary exercise that will help students come to terms with the conceptualRead MoreStudy Guide9234 Words   |  37 Pagesobvious. How does looking at sociology as â€Å"making the familiar strange† help counter this claim? How does sociology differ from simple commonsense reasoning? Sample answer: Sociologists may appear to study conditions that are obvious, but by making the familiar strange, they are able to move beyond commonsense reasoning and use evidence to really understand a topic. For example, students will say that they plan to marry for love, but society narrows the field; they are more likely to marry individualsRead MoreMarketing Plan for Entrepreneur10970 Words   |  44 Pagestechniques in general. 10 1.5.2 Business behavior: marketing 11 1.5.3 Advertising, promotion, packaging and branding 12 1.5.4 Sponsorship 13 1.6 Types of marketing strategies 14 1.7 The system of marketing control. 16 Chapter 2. DESCRIPTION OF THE LIBRARY OF ZHAMBIL AND INCREASING OF DEMAND THROUGH MARKETING PLAN. 19 2.1 Executive Summary 19 2.2 Situation Analysis 20 2.3 Market Summary 20 2.3.1 Target Markets 20 2.3.2Market Geographic 21 Read MoreWhat Motivates Employees According to over 40 Years of Motivation Surveys7793 Words   |  32 Pageslong attracted psychologists and other behavioural scientists. Psychologists’ interests, dating back to the early years of the twentieth century, reflect the development of the industrial psychology and vocational guidance disciplines. Their work dealt with measurement of aptitudes and abilities to improve the job-person fit. The study of motivation now forms an integral part of both industrial and vocational psychology. However, in both fields, concepts like need, motive, goal, incentive and attitudeRead MoreAssignment on Hr Promotion Transfer14234 Words   |  57 PagesMeaning of Promotion Promotion is given to that employee who proves them extremely qualified or deserves promotion. It is of inspiration as well as compensation. When an employee works with his full attempt and makes good result he /she is rear-warded with promotion. Promotion stimulates self-development and creates interest in the job. According to  Yoder-,â€Å"promotion provides incentive to initiative, enterprise and ambition; minimizes discontent and unrest; attracts capable individuals; necessitatesRead MoreFedex Case Study8797 Words   |  36 Pages2012) Over the years FedEx has put in place a number of Human Resource (HR) Practices meant to improve the well being of employees and their job satisfaction and they have centered their operations worldwide on these practices. Overall they have had immense success in building long-lasting relationships with their employees and this has in-turn helped them achieve their end goal of higher profits. All the HR practices put in place are meant to strengthen relationships with employees and to alsoRead MoreFaculty of Law and Management: International Marketing10010 Words   |  41 Pages1 Normal schedules 18 4.2 OASIS Tutorial enrolment 18 4.1.1 Lectures 20 4.1.2 Tutorials 21 5.0 Learning resources 23 5.1 Prescribed and recommended texts 23 5.1.1 Prescribed text 23 5.1.2 Other references 23 5.1.3 Journals and business articles 24 5.1.4 Web based resources 24 5.2 Online support 25 5.3 La Trobe Library: resources for marketing 25 6.0 Feedback and quality assurance processes 26 7.0 Learning effectively in this Subject 26 Appendix 1: Marking Guide for Assignment 1 28

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How to Say ___ in French - French Translation Help

If youre wondering how to say something in French, youve come to the right place. I get a lot of questions about how to say this or that in French; Ive provided links to answers to the most common of these at the end of this article. But of course I cant anticipate every question, so here are some tips and resources to help you find out how to say anything in French.1) If you speak some French, your best bet is to use a French dictionary — but the right way. French word order and syntax are very different than English, and if you just look up a bunch of different words and string them together, youll probably end up with nonsense.2) You can also try searching this site — with over 6,000 pages, its a good bet that Ive written a lesson including the word or phrase youre looking for. Just type your search in the box in the upper right corner, and click search.3) If you dont speak any French, you might be tempted to use an online translator, but this, too, is a tool that mu st be used with>4) The best way to find out how to say something in French is to ask a native speaker. If you dont know any, youre in luck: our forum is filled with French speakers who are ready to answer your questions — within reason. While we wont translate paragraphs or write letters for you, we are happy to answer your questions, translate short passages, and offer corrections. Common Questions How do you say Happy birthday in French?How do you say Hello in French?How do you say How are you? in French?How do you say I love you in French?How do you say please and thank you in French?How do you say Merry Christmas in French?How do you say no in French?How do you say to be in French?How do you say what in French?How do you say yes in French?How do you say the colors in French?How do you say the months in French?How do you say the numbers in French? And if youre wondering how to say how do you say ___ in French? in French, its comment dit-on ___ en franà §ais  ? You can hear a sound file of this and other useful phrases in my essential French lesson.

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The Influence Of School Bullying - 881 Words

The influence of school bullying is not as one dimensional as some have thought, and recent studies have examined this issue from the angles of student perception as well as socio-cultural perspectives (Espelage et al., 2014). Bullying is a dynamic issue with the capability to impact schools in numerous areas. Researchers typically categorize the negative effects of school bullying in terms of both individual short and long term consequences and in terms of the overall climate of a school system. Smithyman, Fireman, and Asher (2014) have described a plethora of negative consequences faced by individual victims of bullying, including: reduced psychological and social adjustment, lower degrees of physical well-being, higher levels of depression, increased anxiety, poorer work and school achievement, and increased likelihood of suicide or suicidal ideation. Other researchers affirm these conclusions and include the following effects: lower commitment to school attendance, serious mental health problems, aggressive retaliatory behaviors, diminished confidence and self-esteem, increased feelings of loneliness and alienation, and higher overall psychological distress (Casebeer, 2012; Chisholm, 2014; Cornell et al. 2013). Not every victim of bullying should necessarily expect to experience these issues, but vast amounts of research confirm a significant a connection between these issues and bullying (Smithyman et al., 2014). Cornell et al. (2013) reports that individual andShow MoreRelatedExposure to Gender Based Violence and Its Influence on Bullying Behavior919 Words   |  4 Pagesbased violence and its influences on bullying behavior at Belmopan Comprehensive High School. This study will not identify a student by name that displays: ïÆ'Ëœ The highest level of exposure on Gender Based violence at home or school. ïÆ'Ëœ The effects of the exposure to violence at home. ïÆ'Ëœ The student’s collaborative academic work performance in his or her classroom. Also, this study will not reveal the methods used by administration and staff at Belmopan Comprehensive High School to punish the studentRead MoreThe Link Between Parents Perceptions Of The School And Their Responses On School Bullying954 Words   |  4 PagesThe Link Between Parents’ Perceptions of the School and Their Responses to School Bullying: Variation by Child Characteristics and the Forms of Victimization primarily focuses on the parental involvement and influence concerning their children experiencing bullying in school. The article s central premise suggests focusing on parental viewpoints of school environments as an element affecting the response to school bullying and the child’s victimization. #1) The article is composed of the followingRead MoreBullying And Its Effect On Society1633 Words   |  7 Pagesmay be exploited is through the familiar conviction of bullying. Bullying has been entrenched in American society as a relevant issue for quite some time. The word â€Å"bully† derives back from as far as the 1530’s. In 1838, the novel, Oliver Twist, exhibited the first use of bullying within literary work. Years later, in 1862, the first account of bullying was reported. Over one hundred years following this, the first proposition of an anti-bullying law was constructed. As time has persisted, the issueRead MoreBullying And Its Effect On Teenagers830 Words   |  4 PagesBullying is the use of a superior strength or influence to intimidate someone, typically to force the individual to do what one wants. Bullying is a behavior that intentionally hurts someone physically or emotionally acted by an individual or group. Bullying can take many forms and is o ften motivated by prejudice against a particular group; for example, on the grounds of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or any physical or mental disability. Stopping violence and ensuring safety is obviouslyRead MoreBullying And The Act Of Bullying Essay1660 Words   |  7 Pages----------- One may assume bullying in schools was all too common. And of course, in the end, they would absolutely right. For whether one has been the victim of bullying or, perhaps, a perpetrator of it, themselves, one has no doubt been exposed to stories of bullies through friends and family, as much as through movies and media. Indeed, it seems like bullying itself is a theme inseperable theme from one’s childhood or adolescent experience inc school. Whether was the victim of it or not, theyRead MoreNegative And Negative Impacts Of Bullying Essay951 Words   |  4 Pagesnature of bullying presents some challenges to accurately determining either its prevalence or severity. Both the positive and negative social interactions of school aged children may be misinterpreted by peers or by education professionals. Additionally, victims and perpetrators of bullying may be less likely to provide truthful responses to research inquiries out of fear of retaliation from peers or school pers onnel. In spite of these challenges, numerous recent studies on bullying have producedRead MoreEssay Take a Stand Bullying1000 Words   |  4 PagesStand on Bullying Bullying is a form of verbal and physical abuse that needs to stop. It takes place every day all over the world. It represents the attacking of someone that is stronger mentally, emotionally and physically attacking someone that is weaker in all of these fields. Bullying has long term effects on its victims such as mental and emotional stress that can carry on into the future. Bullying has been around for a while now. â€Å"Bullying is so long established in our society and schools thatRead MoreBullying : Bullying And Bullying1394 Words   |  6 Pagesstrength or influence to harm or intimidate those who are weaker.† It is however difficult to define bullying as there are different types of bullying. Bullying can be verbal, non-verbal, violent and non-violent. The reactions to bullying are also varied. While some do not mind bullying, some get severely affected by it. There are also others who grow stronger under constant bullying. Bullying can also occur at all ages and different environments. Kids, teenagers, and adults get bullied at school, in theRead More Bullying Essay example657 Words   |  3 Pagesbullied then you should know how bullying feels like. Bullying is very negative and creates major problems for our society. Nothing good comes out of bullying. It could very well change or ruin a person’s life. In fact, it does ruin many people’s lives. Kids can be mentally scarred if they are teased often. Even worse, they could be killed or fatally injured if the bullying gets extreme. There are many causes for bullying which must be taken care of before bullying can be stopped. T.V. violenceRead MoreThe Social Problem Of Peer Pressure1659 Words   |  7 Pagesin Los Angeles, California who are peer pressured into bullying by their peers and conforming to peer pressure that leads to Cyber-bullying and Cyber-crimes. Bullies are misinterpreted as perpetrators; however, they were at som e point victims too and created due to lack of social intervention and significantly affected by the victimization by their peers. Cyberbullying: Through the eyes of children and young people, it acknowledges how bullying has entered a â€Å"digital era† and the need for professionals

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Global Influences Social Affairs and Connections

Question: Describe about the Global Influences for Social Affairs and Connections. Answer: As we are aware that globalization is envisaged as a set of procedures which symbolize a revolution in spatial organization where societal affairs and connections can be articulated in transcontinental or cross-region flows and arrangement of various activities, their interface and relative power. It is featured and being affected by various uncertainties and changes. At one end, there is an opinion that open markets and free trade related investment across where the international markets permits more and more people to allocate in the affluence of an emerging world economy. The hyperglobalists basically deem that the present stage of globalization indicates that the foundation of the end for the nation-state and the denationalization among economys. By economic denationalization they signify that the nation restrictions will be immaterial with admiration to the economic processes, and that national Govt. wont be able to manage it in case of geographically encircled economys. Rather, this would probably provide connections among and between different part of the world via supra-national organizations such as NAFTA and the EU. The wider implications of the hyperglobalist position is that the world, which they believe that the world will become borderless as national Govvt. might turn to perform only as operators/providers of global capital flows an d investments. The Hyperglobalizers firmly believes that the nation-state, the primary political and economic components of current world society, which would certainly be substituted by institutions of global governance in which individuals claim the international adherence, which is profound as a commitment to neo-liberal principles of free trade and economic integration (Marston, 2014). The hyperglobalists presumes globalization is the key to increase/decrease the growth of any country and thus plays an important role in the countrys GDP. This is the reason why they state that the world is turning borderless as according to them the national Govt. turning into meaningless/ mission less entities and are functioning just as service providers for the global capital flows and investments (Team, 2012). They firmly consider that the nation-state, the principally opinionated and economic-unit of modern world society, will subsequently be substituted by society of global supremacy in which the people basically allege international adherence, which are established on a commitment to neo-liberal values of free-trade and monetary amalgamation. Politically, the worldwide democracy will emphasize the appearance of the global governance, substituting the pass nation with a global organizations such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Trade Organization (WTO). ASEAN is the most recognized cooperation and famous regional cooperation group in the region of East Asia. The Association of Southeast Asian nations (ASEAN) is the leading regional alliance in East Asia. It is extensively credited and known for its significant involvement for building the Southeast Asia region extra stable and affluent than it might instead have been the case. The ASEAN group also plays an important role as a supporter for the wider regional cooperation grouping which facilitate the forums for the Southeast Asian states, the main powers and other engrossed countrys to converse and organize the approaches towards the provincial issues. The group ASEAN holds a vast region of various group of countries which was originated in the year 1967 by Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand (Bank, 2010). The group has focussed towards the reverence for national self-government, avoiding altercation, realization accord gained via harmony and then subsequently proceeding at a platform where all the members are comfortable with each other and can share their honest opinion. The region holds a stability from economic, political, socio-cultural point of view and rigorously work towards national sovereignty and region development (Intal, et al., 2012). The ASEANs another key attempt on a broader and provincial endevaor was the ASEAN Plus Three process, a group, especially focussed on East Asian developed assist to bring a platform where the ten ASEAN members with China, Japan and the Republic of Korea can discuss and make an effort for the overall growth and development of the region as well as for the countries involved. The ASEAN Plus group has turned to a group which is mainly concentrated and spotlight for regional discourse, even though most of the activities have in fact been on the basis of ASEAN connections with each having Northeast Asian members independently instead through cooperation (Frost, 2013). ASEANs basically make endeavor for targeting the development and growth of broader multilateral forums who all are interested to do so. Devoid of these efforts, it is expected that the region related to East Asia and relative Asia Pacific regions shouldnt have less prospect for tte--tte/discussion and the progress/improvement in the form of cooperation. ASEANs generally put exertion to prolong and prepared to tolerate the substantial challenge and issues. There are three key correlated issues which are generally targeted to regional development, i.e. the lack of extensive agreement with basically what is the most suitable and adequate grouping of the regional states for the purpose of developing obliging and supporting arrangements, the second is continuing tensions and contradictory interests amid the key powerful countries (Hill Menon, 2010). The group is prolonged to declare a place of centrality at the hub of regional growth and its relative hard work. The major features are as follows: First, ASEAN economies, trade predominantly with the rest of the world. The ASEAN group is assorted and being practical in each or every correlated respect. The group has a strong commercial policy architecture. The group focus on welfare in case of uncertainty occurred on the macroeconomic (Intal, et al., 2012). These regions follow the return to growth approach, which implies instead of the instantaneous GFC possession, and drives to identify the rationale and identity against the rapidly changing atmosphere surrounded by the global environment. The group highlights and work rigorously on plethora of proposals. The BREXIT word has turn and being used as a tachygraphy way of signifying that the UK is leaving the EU. This basically implies to the British and exit. BREXIT is basically combining two words, i.e.Britain, which is originated from Greek and exit has been originated from European language and was dubbed as Grexit in the past. A referendum, a vote in which almost everybody having voting age can get involved to choose whether the UK should depart or stay in the European Union. Absconding won by 52% to around 48%. The referendum churn out found to be 71.8%, with more than 30 million populace selection (Niblett, 2016). The politicians who basically lead the UK. Out of the EU and must safeguard against permitting a deep gap to materialize among their political oratory and the reality facing the Britain outside. TheUnited Kingdom'sextraction from the European Unionis usually known asBrexit, aneologismof "British-Exit". By following aUK ballot held in June 2016, out of which 52% of votes were cast in the favor of leaving the EU, Prime MinisterDavid Cameronleft (Hunt Wheeler, 2016). Theresa Maybecame the new Prime Minister and announced that the Govt. anticipate to raisethe Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union, the official process of retreating, by the end of March 2017. This, within the treaty terms, would put the UK on a route to depart the EU by the end of March 2019 if no bargain withdrawal concord is attained. May has assured abillto eliminate theEuropean Communities Act, which was established in the year 1972from therule bookand to integrate the existingEU lawsintoUK conjugal law.The terms of amputation havent yet been conferred in the meantime, the UK would possibly remain a full member of the European Union in that case. The UK economy is deeply incorporated with the European associates on grounds of economy, army and cultural aspects. It's probably that aBREXITmay probably direct to decline in the stock markets and direct to a financial downturn, perhaps worst than the 2008 financial crisis. Economic Grounds: Opponents of the EU disputed that it is a multidimensional economic entity. The EU was unsuccessful to tackle the economic issues which have been rising since year 2008. For example, 20% unemployment in southern Europe was the situation occurred due to this. Sovereignty Grounds: The second reason for Brexit is the rise of patriotism worldwide. Theres a growing suspect of multi-national financial, commerce, and resistance organization formed post World War II. The EU, theIMF, and NATO are considered as good examples of this (Niblett, 2016). Many who resist the EU deem these institute no longer provide a reason Not only this, but these organizations takes the control away from entity nation. The distrust and trepidation of trailing control pursued Brexit to a reasonable solution to them. The environmentalmovement mainly refers to ecologymovement, inclusive of the conservation andgreenpolitics. The initiative is a diverse scientific, social, and politicalmovementin addressing the ecological issues. Though, the conservation movement had European roots, many observers maintain that the United States has appeared as the world's leader in the field of environment. America deserves the credit for initiating the green movement and started as a tough situation for environmentalist. The sustainability strategy basically assists the business and reach ahead of the doors to conserve and guard the planet and the natural resources. The green movement targets on diminishing the footprint, building more sustainable buildings, developing the supply chain more environmentally cognizant assisting the creative fortification proposals and motivating the associates/employees to help the efforts. Going green is completely up to a personal choice, but one should consider that If the industry rivals are executing green initiatives, then thats one of the unique way they are creating differentiation in the sector and this may replicate poorly on the company. I believe that there should be some regulatory and compliance audits which can promote the green movement in the industry and lead to enhance/sustain of the organization in the market. So, rather than following the competitors initiatives, one should craft and start initiating for making investment in green plan. I believe that the green plan which makes sense for your company can surely start generating benefits as soon as possible. The benefits which are associated with the green movement and green strategy are mentioned as follows:- Economic Benefits Despite of decrementing the businesss crash on the environment,one of the key benefits for executing these green initiatives is reducing costs,especially with an objective of reducing the energy consumption. Apart from reducing the costs associated with utility, it is quite feasible to reduce associated costs of transportation, water, waste-disposal, paper and may certainly help in saving the natural resources (UNESCO, 2016). Brand Recognition Going green is a gigantic inclination and movement right now. It basically draws up the societal responsibility which can basically propagate the employees, highlighting the post on the companys website, and this can proliferate the marketing. Employee Satisfaction Its not easy to identify and measure the benefits occurred from the green initiatives made. On the whole,few surveys have accountedthat the employees working in such environment friendly organizations are generally better-off with their work and the company on the whole if they are doing work towards green movement (Matthews, 2016). This is most probably due to the green initiatives which basically inspire and stimulate employees to work as a team en route for a universal purpose.I believe that establishing any of the business as a green company will help the populace to recognize the company and help in increasing and propagating the recruitment of new employees. Eco-friendly As an individual, I deem that there are numerous benefits of implementing the green initiatives. After you create a plan to execute the green initiatives, pursue thoroughly (Lallanilla, 2016). The company can go for gettingcertification, such as ISO 14001, IGBCandLEED certification.These certifications would help in increasing the chances of getting acknowledged for the efforts and pursue to attain win awards and subsequently extend the brand. Culture is a lively force for the change instead of an inflexible set of the forms or factors which should be sternly complied to. In fact the World Commission on Culture and Development (WCCD) stated that a societys culture is not static, but instead is in an invariable situation of change which may force and stipulate by other professional opinion As we realize that the current era of globalization having unparalleled quickening and strengthening in the worldwide flow of capital, labor, and information holds a unique influence on the local culture. Although, this matter enhances the combination of the societies and facilitate hundred of people to avail new alternatives. This may also fetch the loss of exclusivity of the local culture, which may possibly lead to thrashing of individuality, elimination and even conflict. This is especially true in case of conventional society and community, which are showing the exact picture to boost modernization which is based on the representation (Ornek, 2004). Balancing the settlement of amalgamating into a world besides conserving the exclusivity of the local culture necessitate a vigilant and suspicious approach. So, I believe that placing culture at the heart of an expansion policy doesnt imply to lock up in a conventional way. On the other hand, for investing in the prospect of the local resources, familiarity, skills and resources to boos the inspiration and the sustainable progress. The gratitude and admiration for the assortment of the cultures also craft the circumstances for the common perception, discourse and harmony (Hezel, 2009). As a senator, I believe that several global processes of money laundering have been associated with the drug dealers and the criminal involved in trading of narcotics. The economies of the processes involved in the dirty money are related to affect the diversity issues and several practices are disrupted by the traffickers. The apparatus and motivations related to money laundering are increased and propagated by the narcotics agents (Alasmari, 2012). The implications of money laundering process will be measured through the viewpoint of the financial institution and banks which dont want to turn into a systematic periphery of laundering process, and there are numerous ways which may be executed by the institutions to avoid such transactions. There should be a huge penalty levied to the people who are involved in such activities. Though, its very tough to trap such market as the activities in this sector are done suspiciously and clandestinely. On the other hand, money laundering holds possible spill-over benefits which has been noticed in the past decades, such as the investments of the cocaine cowboys. I suggest that all the activities should be assessed from both perspectives, which are ethical and financial context. This should be evaluated so that the dirty money can be avoided in the country and increase the growth. The Foreign Policy consists of all connections of entity nation which states to other states. In the perspective of the globalization, especially originated in the 21stcentury, it is predominantly essential that it may be unsettling to the interdependence states. With the arrival of the worldwide society and globalization, an inference of the foreign policy of each nation-state are far greater. The study of Foreign Policy therefore has developed into a more critical stage of trade The countries are affected by international policies and their rules or regulations may probably distract the trade and commerce of each country. The policy related to the America continent leads to weakening the commerce , trade, incrementing the debt service, the responsibility suffers the flows of aid, and incrementing protection in the urbanized market economy which basically cause rigorous and creates issues of exterior compensation issues. The augmented cost of foreign borrows in the case of the exports is miserable. This would probably assist to throw several developing countries into debt crises (UN, 2003). Severity programs laid down by the IMF as a requirement for the extension of the credit to fulfil the short-term BOPs during the debt crisis. The growth was deteriorated and several social aims caused other issues related to employment, health, education, environment, and human settlements (Tehranian, 1996). In the case of Africa, the policy affected and created: Atmosphere degradation, weakening agriculture Reduction in savings Increase in infant humanity, scarcity, and lack of education; Rising population growth rates; and Deterioration of Urban Infrastructure growth Among all the crisis, the African crisis affected the working of other international economy situate out. The Sub-Saharan Africa's financial generally rely on the low-income Asia's developments in the world economy. It has noticed that during the past few decades, several sub-Saharan countries have strongly hit and initiated the unfavorable trends on the whole (Hussain, 2011). This shows that the trade and commerce of a country can affect the other country if they have correlation in any terms of exchange. In fact, the recent fluctuation in oil prices has affected the exchange rates, and augment the high interest rates. 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